Community Service Unit - Male Section

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Community Service Unit (male section) at the College:
1- Dr. Faris bin Qayl Al-Enezi - Head of the unit
2- Dr. Shamuel Ahmed - Member (Representative of Medical Laboratory Science Department)
3- Dr. Munir Nawar - Member (Representative of the Department of Medical Device Technology)
4- Dr. Abdul Moneim Sulaiman - Member (Representative of the Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging)
5- Dr. Waleed Salahuddin - Member (Representative of the Department of Physical Therapy and Health Rehabilitation)
6- Mr. Faisal Al-Mas'ari - Member (Public Relations Representative)
Functions of the Committee:
This unit is concerned with strengthening the relations between the college and society and forming a positive reputation for the college and its tasks:
- Studying the needs of the society and its various institutions.
- Presenting the results of the study and approving them in the College Council and setting a time plan for their implementation.
- Organizing training courses in various fields that meet the training needs of individuals and public and private institutions.
- Holding seminars and scientific lectures on topics related to the specializations offered at the college
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