Last Updated: 29 January 2020
Vice-Dean Message

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In the Vice-deanship of Quality and Graduate Studies, we seek to consolidate the concept of development and quality in the process of teaching and learning and disseminate its culture at the college level and improve the educational, research and administrative practices through periodic evaluation of the performance of the academic units and programs in the college, and identify all the different needs and then develop a developmental plans and follow-up implementation to reach a distinguished graduate who meets the requirements of the labor market and can create career opportunities for himself. In addition, we aim at the Vice-deanship to obtain the various academic accreditations from local and international academic accreditation agencies.
In conclusion, we ask God Almighty to help us all for the good of religion and the nation.
Dr. Saud bin Fuhaid Alsubaie
Vice Dean for Quality and Graduate Studies
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