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Strategic Plan of the University


The Strategic Planning is one of the best international practices applied by the leading universities. Therefore, the University of Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz has adopted the strategic plan of the University since its establishment under Royal Decree No. 7305 / M on 3/9/1430 AH. (2012-2021), which defined the strategic direction of the University through ten strategic objectives covering the different areas: students, faculty members and staff, the educational process, scientific research, infrastructure, technology and services, in addition to administrative organization.


In light of the rapid changes in education and in view of the vision of the Kingdom of 2030, His Excellency the Rector of the University presented to the University's Agency for Development and Quality to update the strategic plan of the University, taking into account the achievements and challenges facing the implementation of the University's First Strategic Plan.


The purpose of the second edition of the strategic plan for the University 2030 is the participation of the largest number of employees of the university, as well as the use of best practices in strategic planning at the national and international levels. The plan consists of five main chapters: the general framework of the second issue, the diagnosis of the current situation - reference comparisons and best practices, the main issues - and the strategic options, the strategic plan document "Second Edition 2030", the implementation plan and implementation mechanisms, in addition to scientific references. The present summary addresses the aspirations of the University, as well as the mission of the University and the core values ​​expected to be adopted by the University during its implementation of the Strategic Plan, as well as strategic goals and operational objectives (initiatives).


University Vision:


A distinguished university in education, competition in scientific research supporting the knowledge economy, active in partnership and social responsibility.


University Mission:


Providing outstanding education, developing innovative scientific research, and promoting partnership and community responsibility through: a stimulating academic environment, excellent human and technical resources, effective strategic partnerships and supportive management system.


Core Values:


1- Proficiency
2- Justice
3- Teamwork
4- Transparency and Accountability
5- Community Responsibility
6- National Identity
The University's Strategic Goals:
1. Strengthening the status of the university locally and internationally
2. Enable students to compete in the labor market.
3. Attract and develop distinguished human resources.
4. Continuous improvement of teaching and learning processes.
5. Developing graduate programs and scientific research.
6. Continuous improvement of quality practices and applications.
7. Building effective strategic partnerships.
8. Sustainability of the University's financial resources.
9. Develop a supportive administrative system.
10. Develop programs that support community responsibility
For more details on the university's strategic plan, see the full version of the plan in Arabic language
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