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Department of Nursing

The nursing profession is one of the noble human professions; where nurses lend their supporting and helping hands to the sick and the healthy. Nursing cadre strives forward to provide health services to the entire members of the community in order to promote their health.


Similar to the vast majority of other countries, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia suffers from a severe shortage of nursing professionals, in all of their work role levels.

The Department of Nursing aims to prepare and train national nursing professional cadre, who is qualified scientifically and technically to provide preventive, curative and rehabilitative nursing care in the various public and private health facilities.


Nursing program provides the opportunity for students to be prepared to work as Specialist Nurses (equivalent to Registered Nurses in some other countries). The curriculum constitutes of theoretical contents and practical/clinical training modules that lead to the acquisition of the experiences and skills that qualify them to compete in the labor market.

The nursing faculty members pay an attention to prepare the students with the most updated evidence-based nursing findings, keeping them abreast with the updated theoretical and practical nursing aspects. This approach also qualifies the students to be able to keep pace with the changing health and nursing care needs in general.


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